Plan to learn Machine Learning/Data Science in 2021? Note these assets from 2020.

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“Before we start to dive deeper into the topic, let us first understand why do we need Machine Learning & ask yourself a question, do you really need to learn Machine Learning? If so, then why?”

What is Machine Learning (ML)?

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1. Mathematics & Statistics:

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What to learn in Mathematics for Machine Learning?


1. Linear Algebra

2. Calculus

3. Statistics

4. Probability

Where do I learn from?


Online Courses

Books to refer:


2. Machine Learning, know where to start from?


Online Courses

Books to Refer:


3. Learn to Code

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4. Understand the Databases.

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Learn SQL


5. Master Data Cleaning, Exploratory Data Analysis & BI Tools.

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Data Cleaning:




Most Widely used BI Tools


6. How to get experience?


7. What & Whom to follow?

For Blogs & Articles.


YouTube Channels to follow.

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For paid courses with proper structures.

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Job Searching Websites to follow (in no particular order)

Resume Tips & Tricks

For Interview Preparation/Practise

I highly recommend checking this roadmap, One of the best roadmaps for Machine Learning by- Daniel Bourke, Click Here for the access.

Hope, you all liked the content & have some idea, to begin with. Would like to thank the entire community of this field as, without their help, it wouldn’t have been possible to learn & come this far. Kudos to each of you working in this field & sharing knowledge.

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Combined Resources

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